Instructions On How To Add Video To Your FREE Idol Classifieds Adenlightened

   yesGo to

   yesGo to your favorite video page

    For example:  

   yesScroll down beneath video and use your cursor to click on the rectangular "share" button

    just to the right of "Like" & "Add to"

   yesClick on "embed" on the far left right beneath the URL appearing below "Link to this video"

   yesCopy the highlighted html code for your favorite video:



  yesAnd paste to the appropriate field on your "post ads" page

  yesScroll down & click on the "save" button & PRESTO!

  yesYour FREE video ad is now ready to be viewed by millions of viewers far & wide across the wonderful worldwide web


To Add Music From Your Favorite Artist From To Your FREE Idol Classifieds Ad

yesJust repeat the steps above except while on your favorite artist myspace page you will highlight the round play button scroll down and Then click on "embed song".


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yesStep 7: Click "My ads"
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