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Added by devicebee 12/21/2011

What2Do is a free Android app to prepare a To Do list on Android device. Android Market now offers you this great app, absolutely free to schedule the activities on Android according to your needs. You can schedule your activities on your smart phone and get rid of forgetting tasks to performed on a particular day, week or on any weekend. This intelligent app act as a reminder for all the tasks listed in the app by reminding you about each and every task to do. This What2Do app to prepare To Do list on Android is the apt solution for those who have the habit of forgetting their task at regular intervals.

Some Key Features Of What2Do App To Prepare To Do List On Android:

You can prepare To Do list on Android in an easy way.
Schedule you task according to your suitable time.
You can set up you mail account.
Schedule a task on daily basis, on a specific date or on every week days.

Enable or disable the notification.
Vibrates on the scheduled time for each task.
Set the alert type as silent, default and custom sound.
You can edit the saved task anytime when required.
You can also view the event or task list prepared.
The app has the task execution feature. It executes the task when you schedule a call or SMS on a particular number, Schedule alarm, schedule an Email, schedule a time to send a file and much more.

The free What2Do app to prepare To Do list on Android will be installed. Just install this great What2Do app today on your smart phone and get rid of forgetting your important task to be performed at a specific point of time. Make this app your reminding media.
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