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Speak Chinese, Advance Your Career!
Travel, job advancement and personal interest are just a few of the many reasons for learning Chinese or enhancing your business communication skills. Whatever your goals, SpeakChinese can help you meet them—at your convenience.

SpeakChinese offers:
- Tailored Chinese language courses for all levels
- Varied Chinese cultural class
- Bachelor degree in China
- Training for employment in China
- Online Chinese teaching
- Summer camps

Contact us at:
Tel: 8610- 8580-5873, 8231-4996

Beijing Campus A: (CBD area):
Suite656 of Baishihe Mansion, Jianwai Avenue
No. Jia10, Chaoyang District, Beijing.100022

Beijing Campus B: (Bei Hang University)
No.37 of Xueyuan Road,
Haidian District. Beijing. 100083.
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