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Added by gracegan 12/04/2011

VTX Solutions is a Singapore-based supplier of LED, fluorescent and solar lighting products. We have a strong track record of customer projects in the commercial, retail, hospitality and residential markets.

Our LED lights can be used used to replace existing lights (especially inefficient halogens) or installed in new buildings. We offer a wide variety of LED T8 tubes, LED Spotlights, LED Bulbs, LED Downlights, LED Panel lights, LED Outdoors Floodlights, LED lamps for machines, LED torches, LED PLC lamps and LED Street Lights/ High Bay Lights.

The LED chips used in our products are manufactured by CREE, Nichia, Samsung or Liteon which ensure the reliability and performance of the lights.

Most of our products meet international standards such as CE, FCC, ETL, TUV, UL, RoHS or CNS 15233. (Please go to FAQ page for definition of the various certifications).

Our T8 to T5 Fluorescent converter is PSB approved. We also offer award-winning solar tiles and blocks.

Most of our products are from Taiwan.

The company is headed by Mr KP Loh who has vast experience in the semiconductor industry including more than 15 years in LED-related business. He previously held positions as R&D Manager and Marketing Manager of Hewlett Packard (LED division), Singapore.

Armed with strong technical expertise, we aim to deliver good service and competitive pricing to our customers. We help match the right lighting products to the application so that the desired light output is generated and the highest return on investment is achieved.

Our affiliated company, VFZLED Pte Ltd is the sole distributor of FZLED products. All enquiries on the products are welcome.


(65) 62724707

(65) 96526095

E-mail: siew_hooigan@hotmail.com

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