40W mono solar panel - $34

Added by hopesuntech 11/19/2012

Electrical Characteristics

Characteristics HPSM-40W

Voc 21.8V

Vmp 17.6V

Isc 2.67A

Imp 2.28A

Pmax 40Wp

Operating Temperature -40°c+85°c

Maximum System Voltage 1000VDC

Series Fuse Rating 15A

Power Tolerance ±3%

Mechanical Characeteristics

solar cell Mono-crystalline 125*125

No.of cells 36(4*9)

Dimensions 597*540*25mm

Weight 4.5kg

Front Glass 3.2mm tempered glass

Frame Anodized aluminum alloy

Our advantage:

Rapid response: commitment to the fastest time give you the detailed offer descriptions and product information; Commitment in the shortest time for you to customize your requirements of the product

The products of high quality and price: my company will have big quantitative purchasing various raw materials and other measures to reduce the cost of the company through the manufacturers purchase , and to ensure that the products is high quality and low price.

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.Manufactured in an ISC9001:2008 Certifiedd plant
.High efficiency ,high safety ,high reliable
.Output power tolerance of ±3%
.25 years limited warranty on power output ,5 years limited warranty on materials and workmanship


5 years for product defect

10 years for 90% of performance

25 years for 80% of performance
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