100W monocrystalline solar panel - Best offer

Added by hopesuntech 11/19/2012

Pmax 100W
Voc 22.5V
Isc 5.6A
Vmp 18.5V
Imp 5.4A
Tolerance ±3%
Fuse rating 10A
Maximum system voltage DC1000V
Dimension 1210*540*35mm
Cell type 125*125mm/ 36pcs mono-crystalline cells
Net weight 9KG
Mechanical load 5400Pa
NOCT 47±3°C
Operating temperature -40 to 85°C

1.Any large or small on-grid and off-grid solar power stations
2.Commercial/industrial building roof-top systems
3.Residential roof-top systems
4.Any commercial or industrial ground mount systems
5.Other industrial and commercial applications

10 years for product defect, 10 years for 90% of performance, 25 years for 80% of performance
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