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Added by 4099379108 09/29/2013

BIC Venturi V52 Stereo Speakers - Mint Condition
Most will probably overlook these because they're not familiar with Venturi speakers. Because of the amount of speakers we receive, I get a chance to test and listen to a LOT of speakers. You'll be very surprised at just how
good these sound.

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below to get an idea of
how much these speakers
go for BRAND NEW!

Definitely some of best
I've heard in this class of speaker, outperforming speakers that are far more costly. They reportedly won Consumer Reports reward for most accurate speaker under $400. If you like crystal clear highs that capture every detail, you'll love these! And the bottom is still full. Those coming in to where I was testing would ask "Is all of that sound is coming from those?". Look closely at the pictures and you can see that they are also in excellent cosmetic condition. I'm selling them as-is, as described and pictured. CASH ONLY. Call me, Leopold (510) 418-9722. I'm located in San Ramon


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